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Life and Death, a Love Story

A while back, I met Travis Holp (a.k.a. Travis Warrior Unicorn), a psychic medium and all-around good guy. There was just something about him that was soooo irrestable. I'm not sure what, exactly, but you know the feeling. Anyway, we hit it off and he invited me to happy hour. Who could resist? Not me! I love a good adventure!.

So we got together to talk about the ultimate transition: Death, and how it's a catalyst for living a good life. Accepting and embracing the knowing—that our time in the physical world is limited—propels us to live more authentically and mindfully.

If fences require mending, get busy. If words or feelings are left unshared, communicate them. Let's face it: we always and only have the present moment. The time is now.

When “The Big D” arrives, and you reflect on your life with no regrets, whatsoever . . . knowing that you’ve had those conversations . . . you’ve followed your passions . . . you’ve lived your life with an open heart and mind, you’ll receive the most beautiful final gift: A Good Death.

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