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The Stories we Tell Ourselves

When we find ourselves unable to move past a situation, or unable to take the important next step toward a goal, it’s a really good time to stop and just listen.

Listen to what?

Listen to the story, the one that’s playing inside your head. What’s it saying? Is it familiar? Are you able to predict the ending because that story has taken up permanent residence inside your thoughts, and you know how things will turn out?

Not all stories are bad, but the ones that keep us stuck have no business staying in our heads.

Abraham Hicks reminds us that, “beliefs are just thoughts we continue to think . . . [and] thoughts become things.” What thoughts have you entertained for so long that they’ve become beliefs; they’ve become so familiar that you don’t challenge them? What false beliefs do you have about yourself?

What’s the story? Does it make you happy? If it does, then great! Keep telling it, because it’s working for you. However, if that story makes you feel “less than,” guilty, defeated, or any other negative emotion, it’s time to change the narrative. Tell the story the way you want it to be, and keep telling it until you believe it.

Do you see that bright, shiny thing up ahead? It's your future, and your story is the path forward.

You’ve got this.

Sending Love and Light . . .

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